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Sunset at Ross Bay


Wish you were here . . .

The birds are singing their little hearts out to attract a mate, and building their nests in readiness for the next generation. The hares can be seen running through the fields as the sun comes up and again just before it gets dark. The days are getting longer.

But it’s lonely without you.

We are living through an extraordinary time. Many countries are now in lockdown because of the Covid 19 pandemic. People are being asked not to leave their homes, apart from essential journeys. And we, who live and work on the beautiful Loop Head peninsula, are sticking to all the rules so that we can be ready for your visit.

We are advised that through our vigilance in staying apart, the virus spread will slow down, and in the mean time, we must make the best of things. When this is over, the gloriously wild landscape of Loop Head will still be here, and we will be waiting to welcome you to this unique stretch of the Irish coastline. We will be making the most of this time by creating new dishes at home for the peninsula’s pubs’ and restaurants’ menus, and getting those little jobs done that we have been meaning to do for a long while. There will be time for those fishing boats to get a good scrub down and maybe a new coat of paint. We will be keeping busy, so that we are ready for you when you can travel here.

Monbretia and Purple Loosestrife in a Loop Head hedgerow


We have so much to show you, whether you have visited us before, or you are planning your first trip to our stunning peninsula. From the great hotels, restaurants and glorious beach and bandstand in the pretty Victorian seaside town of Kilkee, to the tip of the peninsula where the 19th-century lighthouse sends its beacon 23 nautical miles out to sea… and everything in between.

We have history, culture and heritage covered, all waiting to be shared with you. Check out our YouTube channel which we will be updating regularly, a new way for you to enjoy our peninsula. Until you can get here yourself. We will be highlighting visitor’s images and videos as well as our own. Here is the link to our Youtube channel – LoveLoopHead – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkqzJRn3DRw51wUBaQnTH8Q

When we can travel again –

You can look forward to a drive along the Kilkee Cliffs and a lunch or dinner stop for a delicious fish chowder and homemade bread in Carrigaholt or Kilbaha.

The Kilkee Cliff Drive – just amazing.


You will be able to ramble along one of the new West Clare Walking Trails. We have 14 looped walks across the whole peninsula to help you explore areas you may not have discovered – yet. Here is a link to the walking trail page on the website with all the maps.   https://www.loophead.ie/walking-2/


Then there is the wildlife.  Loop Head is an important migratory route for birds, making bird watching very popular here, and of course, there are the dolphins. A pod of approximately 200 Bottlenose dolphins live, and play, in the mouth of the River Shannon. Learn more about dolphin watching here – https://www.loophead.ie/things-to-do-ireland-dolphin-watching/

By the time we can all travel again, the wild flowers will be out, making it a joy to walk, drive or cycle along our winding roads. And we will be ready to greet you.

Stay safe.



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