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This circular walk begins at the Diamond Rocks Café at the West End of the town of Kilkee and follows a cliff path along the outstanding coastline.

Passing the Pollock Holes, the quartz-filled Diamond Rocks and a natural stone amphitheatre formed by the waves, you arrive at Intrinsic Bay, named after a ship, the Intrinsic, which sank along with all 14 hands on board in 1836.

At this point there is a steep climb for about 200 metres; this part of the walk is not suitable for wheelchairs or buggies. Arriving at the top, the coastal path turns inwards to Dunlicky Road.

For a short, five-kilometre walk, turn left here and head back towards the town. For a longer, eight-kilometre walk, turn right along the coast until you come to a left turn. This road, with beautiful views over the town coming down Moveen Hill, takes you back into Kilkee.

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3 comments on Kilkee Cliff Walk

  1. Valerie Leonard

    Would horses be allowed to hack on this route?

    • Trea

      Not on the cliff path but you could on the road along the cliffs from Kilkee. Obviously, you do this at your own risk, given the proximity to the cliffs !

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