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Thalassotheraphy is a great thing to do ireland

Thalassotherapy, from the Greek word ‘thalassa’, meaning sea, is the use of seawater and seaweed for therapeutic purposes, a tradition dating back to Roman times.

Kilkee Thalassotherapy Centre, winner of the Best Day Spa award in 2004 from the Irish Beauty Professionals Association, is a family-run health spa and guesthouse close to the beach in Kilkee.

The purpose-built centre was opened in 1999 and is run by Eileen and Padraig Mulcahy and their team of staff. They offer therapies to residents and non-residents alike, including traditional seaweed baths in heated seawater, salt exfoliation, seaweed body wraps, hydrotherapy, massage, marine-based facials and beauty treatments for both men and women.

The centre also houses a sauna/ steam room and a turbo sunbed, and should you be sorely in need of total rejuvenation, a selection of ‘Top to Toe’ days is available, which include a light, healthy lunch and an invigorating hill walk.

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