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When tidal and weather conditions permit, Loop Head is an ideal spot for kayakers. The coastline is honeycombed with caves, large and small – many of them home to grey seals – and there is some arresting cliff and shoreline scenery to marvel at from the many isolated coves and beaches around the peninsula.

Nevsail Watersports runs official Irish Canoe Union (ICU) kayak and canoe courses most weekends from January to November, so you can gain your ICU certificate and have some fun paddling around the coastline along the way.

Choose from a one- or two-day kayak and canoe course, or a two-and-a-half-hour lesson with an instructor. Alternatively you can hire kayaks and canoes by the hour.

Nevsail’s beginner kayaks are self-bailing, so that even complete novices can paddle in safety. Enclosed kayaks are also available for the more proficient kayaker, together with 16-foot sea kayaks for those who fancy a real adventure.

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