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Surfing on the coast of West Clare

The Irish coastline is one of the most popular and beautiful surfing destinations in the northern hemisphere. For the past several years, amateurs and professionals alike have flocked to surf the coastline and enjoy the hospitality of the people.

Loop Head has many uncrowded beaches, reefs and point breaks that are fairly consistent and can work at any time of year. It’s an ideal place for beginners to learn, as the beach in Kilkee is perfectly safe and ideal for surfing when the tide is right. More experienced surfers can always find secret locations to test their nerve.

Nevsail offers a fun series of surfing lessons and ‘surfari’ trips to get you on your way to surfing your first wave.

Adult surf lessons cost €35 for two hours, including surfboard, wetsuit and instruction. Kids’ surf lessons are €25. One-to-one lessons cost €70. Teen Surfari Camps run in June, July and August and cost €100.

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