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There are twelve ringforts in the townland of Doonaha only. The prominence of ringforts is reflected in the townland’s name in Irish Dún Átha; dún is the Irish word for fort.

The Loop Head Peninsula has one of the highest densities of ringforts in any part of Ireland, with over 240 ringforts recorded on the peninsula. A ringfort is a circular raised space, enclosed by a ditch and external bank. More prominent ringforts have two or three external banks and ditches.

The majority of ringforts were constructed in a three hundred-year period from the beginning of the seventh century to the end of the ninth century. They mostly functioned as farmsteads engaged in pastoral farming. They are almost always built in clusters and measure between c.24-60m in diameter.

The ringforts in Doonaha and on the Loop Head Peninsula are on privately owned land. So if you want to check them out up close, you might have to make some local friends.

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