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Scuba on the coast of Ireland

Jacques Cousteau once described Loop Head as the best diving spot in Europe, and the vast array of marine life here attracts divers from all around the globe.

Divers can go to depths from 10 metres to 45 metres, and enter another world. You can swim through a ‘kelp forest’ of long trunk-like stipes stretching upwards to a thick canopy of branch-like fronds, through which only dappled sunlight penetrates.

At Loop Head, large boulders, gullies and caves dominate the underwater scenery. Dead man’s fingers, a soft yellow coral and the beautiful jewel anemone reveal their vibrant colours – greens, oranges, yellows, pinks and whites, forming brilliant, iridescent patches in the broken sunlight. In the deep-sea waters, at 30 foot long, the basking shark is more an experience than a fish. The mouth of the Shannon is one of the best places in Ireland to see these mighty creatures.

There is a registered, fully equipped scuba diving centre in Kilkee.

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