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With its distinctive horseshoe bay, majestic cliffs and glorious rock pools, Kilkee has been a favourite for generations of visitors. From Percy French to Richard Harris to Jimmy Carr, thousands of people have great memories of visiting the resort, often for an annual holiday. Memories are made of this and for some people, nothing else will do but to revisit the childhood haunt, enjoying the timeless pleasures of the rock pools at the Pollock Holes, the magnificent golden, Blue Flag beach, Byrne’s Cove or the great cliff walks.

Some amenities that complement this are the 18-hole golf course and the newly refurbished Sweeney Memorial Library and Cultural Centre, now known as Cultúrlann Sweeney, on O’Connell Street. But for many visitors, it is the atmosphere of a sunny day with a fresh Atlantic breeze that is the attraction. The open-air market, the distant cries from the beach all make a walk around the town or along the Standline – perhaps while eating an ice-cream – an unforgettable experience. At night, savour the atmosphere of the town’s bars and restaurants, drop in on a live session or simply have a quiet pint.

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