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Irish sea side resort

The Duggerna Reef, known to swimmers for miles around as the Pollock Holes, is a famous bathing place in Kilkee.

The reef, at the western edge of Kilkee Bay, holds three large, natural rock pools for safe and sheltered swimming, in which the water is refreshed with every tide. At one time the pool closest to shore was for female bathers only, while the farthest one, Pollock Hole 3, was just for men.

When the tide is right you will see many small processions of swimmers making their way down there for a dip. And for those not keen on sea-bathing, there’s an immense variety of marine life to be observed both in the large pools and in the countless smaller ones.

Beware of the tides, as it’s possible to become marooned on the outer rocks. If in doubt, take your cue from the locals and just leave when everyone else leaves.

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