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Scuba on the coast of Ireland

Snorkelling is a must on Loop Head, with its clear waters, abundance of marine life and spectacular rock formations. Snorkelling is especially popular around Kilkee, where the waters are particularly safe.

To the south of Kilkee Bay, in the West End of the town, is the Duggerna Reef, locally known as the Pollock Holes. There are three natural deep swimming pools here, rich with sea life to be explored with a mask and snorkel. You can look out for starfish, jellyfish, shrimps, sea urchins and fish of every hue. Other good places for snorkelling in Kilkee are at the pier, at Edmund’s point, near the diving boards at Newfoundout, and at Burn’s Cove. When tidal and weather conditions are right, snorkelling is also recommended at the Bridges of Ross, on the Atlantic side of the peninsula near Kilbaha, and at Doonaha, on the estuary side.

Please beware of boats if you’re snorkelling in a fishing area.

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