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Because of its tiny landmass and the absence of high hills, Loop Head is blessed with remarkably big skies. This, together with the lack of light pollution, makes it a perfect spot for astronomy fans to enjoy night-sky watching.

On a warm, clear night in summer, you’ll need little more than a comfortable vantage point and a blanket to lie on, and you’ll be able to observe the constellations at all four compass points with the naked eye, or better still, with binoculars. But stargazing is of course better in winter, when the sky gets completely dark.

At all times of the year you’ll see the Plough, or Big Dipper, which never sinks below the horizon at these latitudes, and which you can use to locate Polaris, the North Star.

In these lightless conditions, you’ll also be able to see the Milky Way – not always possible elsewhere. And there’s no better place to witness a meteor shower.

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