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In Victorian times, Kilkee was often mentioned as ‘The fashionable bathing place to immerse oneself in the healing waters of the Atlantic’. Indeed the entire Loop Head area was, and still is renowned for its clean air. Both the sea and the sea air have regenerative, restorative effects on the mind and body. By joining us for one of the Loop Head Wellness weekends, you can reap all the benefits in abundance. So what are you waiting for? Make a present to yourself by treating yourself to some well deserved time and space to energise, reflect and renew yourself for the change of season.

Autumn Wellness weekend:
Autumn equinox approaches and the days begin to get a little shorter and its a perfect time to take time out to nourish the body before the late autumn and winter comes. The peninsula is a little quieter at this time. Often the weather is still very settled and nicely warm. Still possible to get a nice dip in the ocean. Evenings still long enough to get a walk in, in the evening. Seaweed still full of goodness and hedgerows laden with wild fruits.

Spring Wellness weekend:
April is a stunning time to visit the Loop Head Peninsula. At the end of April moving into May, the Sea Pinks begin to emerge along the cliffs. You will most certainly hear the cuckoo here at Purecamping if you decide to stay with us in one of our cosy wooden cabins. The Hawthorn will be taking over from the Blackthorn decorating the hedgerows with beautiful creamy white and sometimes pink blossoms. There is a freshness about the place. This weekend will provide a perfect blend of Health and Wellbeing, food for the soul and the senses.

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