Loop Head Walking Festival – Kilkee Cliff Dawn Walk < Back

Kilkee cliffs

Join us as the sun begins to sneak up from the Eastern horizon and paints a hue of oranges and yellow on the landscape. We start, facing the Pollock Holes and Georges Head and breathing in the sea air into our lungs. We will take off in silence making the most of the dawn peace, pausing at times to take in stunning cliff scenery. Remains of monastic times come into view as we walk past Bishop’s Island to the West. Remnants of times gone by trail the landscape, with Fooagh promontory fort and  Tobar Kee.

We vary our speed as we go, picking up speed to stay warm and slowing down to take in the scenery and taking time to connect with the elements.

The return journey is the same route but with a different perspective. Conversation begins and the day begins to open up. Tummies rumble and plans for breakfast are made. Johnny in the Strand Guest House will be open for our return with a hearty breakfast to set us right for the day.

Guide: Trea Heapes, Yoga Teacher from Purecamping.

Meeting Point: Diamond Rocks Cafe car park at 6am. Walk duration is about 2 hours.

dawn-walk-trea-3 dawn-walk-trea-2

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