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We hope you enjoy these little news snippets from the peninsula.

Welcome to the Loop Head Peninsula Blog

Pick some berries

Blackberries season is in full swing on the Loop Head Peninsula in September-October. Go for a long walk and treat yourself with the goodness of the rich hedgerows! Blackberries are the essence of country life and have many uses. Since neolithic times we have been eating blackberries. Picking blackberries captures… ..Read more >

Go on a fishing adventure

Take some time out to go on a ‘Fishing Adventure’ on the ‘Lady Gwen II’, with skipper Sean Maguire – part of Fishing Adventures, Kilbaha, County Clare. It’s great for a fun day out, for serious fishing – or simply to admire the beauty of the Peninsula and the wonder of… ..Read more >

Listen to live music

County Clare is often said to be the traditional Irish music capital of Ireland with year round trad sessions and music festivals. In Loop Head you will find a mecca of traditional Irish culture and music. There are loads of pubs to choose from, especially in Kilkee and Carrigaholt. ..Read more >

See Doonaha Gun Battery

There is a Napoleonic Period battery at Doonaha since 1814 and is one of six batteries located in the vicinity. There were Napoleonic French invasion plans to access and invade Britain from the west of Ireland. The Mouth of the Shannon was one of the three invasion areas included in… ..Read more >
Irish pubs in Kilkee

Eat traditional fish and chips overlooking Kilbaha Bay

Keating’s Bar, right on the pier in Kilbaha, claims it is the last pub before New York. Fill up on the delicious menu, where fresh fish and chips are a star, while admiring the incredible sea view of the Mouth of the Shannon. ..Read more >

Have a chowder at the Long Dock

Served steaming hot, the Long Dock’s chowder it is the best and most comforting lunch, accompanied by Imelda’s brown bread. It has won the Great Taste Gold Star Award 2017. Also available as a take away or frozen to heat and enjoy at home. ..Read more >

Just breathe

With its many health benefits and curative properties, fresh coastal air refreshes your respiratory organs, revitalises your senses and invigorates mind & body. ..Read more >

Visit the Grave of the Yellow Men

The Grave of the Yellow Men is a memorial to a group of sailors who died in Kilbaha Bay in the 19th century. The name and nationality of the sailors were unknown and they were referred locally as the yellow men. Details are sketchy but they remain part of the… ..Read more >
Irish Mussels

Collect sea shells

The beaches of Loop Head are loaded with shells. One has to keep their eyes open to pick the prettiest one on the beach or keep your eyes peeled for a particular type of shell for your collection.  As you collect these beautiful natural wonders, your curiosity will lead you to self-education… ..Read more >

Walk the Strand Line

The Strand Line walk is a crescent shaped walk around the bay, east to George’s Head and west to the ‘Pollock Holes’, which you can then extend to incorporate the Cliff Walk. It is an easy stroll and suitable for all ages, including wheelchairs. ..Read more >

Drink an Irish coffee by the fire

Nothing like Irish coffee by a turf fire in an Irish pub to warm you up on a cold autumn / winter afternoon. Did you know Irish coffee was first crafted as a hot drink for freezing passengers in 1943, on a Pan Am flying boat flight to New York? ..Read more >
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