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We hope you enjoy these little news snippets from the peninsula.

Welcome to the Loop Head Peninsula Blog

Visit the Grave of the Yellow Men

The Grave of the Yellow Men is a memorial to a group of sailors who died in Kilbaha Bay in the 19th century. The name and nationality of the sailors were unknown and they were referred locally as the yellow men. Details are sketchy but they remain part of the… ..Read more >
Irish Mussels

Collect sea shells

The beaches of Loop Head are loaded with shells. One has to keep their eyes open to pick the prettiest one on the beach or keep your eyes peeled for a particular type of shell for your collection.  As you collect these beautiful natural wonders, your curiosity will lead you to self-education… ..Read more >

Walk the Strand Line

The Strand Line walk is a crescent shaped walk around the bay, east to George’s Head and west to the ‘Pollock Holes’, which you can then extend to incorporate the Cliff Walk. It is an easy stroll and suitable for all ages, including wheelchairs. ..Read more >

Drink an Irish coffee by the fire

Nothing like Irish coffee by a turf fire in an Irish pub to warm you up on a cold autumn / winter afternoon. Did you know Irish coffee was first crafted as a hot drink for freezing passengers in 1943, on a Pan Am flying boat flight to New York? ..Read more >

Fall in love

Not saying you will find the love of your life (although, who knows?), but do let yourself fall in love with Loop Head. It will last a lifetime. ..Read more >

Cycle the Loop Head Cycleway

Cyclists keen to experience the Loop Head Peninsula on two wheels will be relieved to learn that the peninsula has a very gently undulating topography, with almost no daunting hills. The Loop Head Cycleway, favourite testing ground of triathletes, is a 65km circuit starting and ending in Kilkee, hugging the… ..Read more >
Golf in Ireland

Lay on a bed of grass

This is an experience in itself: the soft, thick, lush grass around cliff walks will feel like the best mattress you have ever rested on.  ..Read more >
Irish holiday destination Kilkee

Go for a swim

The weather can be fabulous in autumn and the waters often feel warmer than in summer. There is an abundance of outdoor swimming places in Loop Head, all untainted by crowds or pollution. You can choose from peaceful, sandy coves at Doonaha or Kilkee, secluded shingle beaches such as Ross… ..Read more >

Camp on the shore

As dedicated camping enthusiasts know, camping is an activity in itself. At Loop Head, you can either pitch your tent in the wild (with permission), or camp on an established campsite at Green Acres Caravan & Camping Park, Doonaha or avail of state-of-the-art eco-camping facilities at Purecamping, Querrin. ..Read more >

Explore the shore

Shore walks on the Loop Head Peninsula reveal many natural treasures. The rockpools alone are an education. Multi-coloured algae carpet the Pollock Holes in Kilkee, for instance, while sea urchins, anemones and starfish lurk among the rocks. Read more about what you can find on the Loop Head shores. ..Read more >
Tasty Food at the Old School

Stay in the Old School

Ian and Teresa have re-purposed the old school in Cross village into a delightful B&B, full of character and charm. The couple offer a fantastic welcome with home made bread, cake and other locally sourced goodies. Their breakfast has an amazing reputation among their visitors too! ..Read more >
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