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Coasteering is a fairly new adventure sport that has been spreading fast throughout Europe and the UK in recent years and is now becoming increasingly popular in Ireland too.

Coasteering involves climbing, jumping, scrambling and swimming around the rock pools, cliffs and caves of the intertidal zone. The Loop Head coastline might have been made for this sport, with its rocky cliffs and imposing marine geology. Wearing a full-body wetsuit, buoyancy aid, helmet and appropriate footwear, and under the supervision of an experienced guide, you’ll explore caverns, gullies, coves and rock formations, moving both on foot and on the water.

Nevsail Watersports in Kilkee offers kayaking/ coasteering packages and snorkelling/ coasteering packages along the shores of Kilkee Bay. There is much to see and explore in the area, with caves and inlets, jumps of various heights and, if you’re feeling brave, the challenge presented by the Atlantic waves in the so-called “washing machine”

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