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Travel in west clare and have fun

Many people plan a short shore walk at Loop Head and somehow don’t get home for hours… The rockpools alone are an education. Multi-coloured algae carpet the Pollock Holes in Kilkee, for instance, while urchins, anemones and starfish lurk among the rocks.

Along the shore you can pick out periwinkles, limpets and mussels, gather derelict shells, and find countless seaweeds, including slúcán, a local delicacy. The shoreline is a riot of wildflowers. Apart from the ubiquitous seapinks, you’ll see edible plants like rock samphire, seabeet, rocket and wild teasel. You can inspect the rocks for evidence of geological activity millions of years ago, and wonder at the sunken forest near Rinevella. Witness seabirds diving and waders posing, scan the horizon for whales and dolphins, and watch for grey seals and reclusive sea otters.

Or if you’re feeling indolent, you can just sit quietly watching the waves…

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