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Compère for the evening: Martin Bourke

Music Event Title: The “Nelson Eddy & Jeanette MacDonald” Profile

Venue: Cultúrlann Sweeney, O’Connell St., Kilkee

Box Office: All Tickets: €10

Tel: (065) 906 0769

Music Event Description:

Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald were arguably the most successful and popular pair of singing stars ever to appear together on the silver screen. Remarkably that popularity continues almost 80 years after they made their last movie together, and over 50 years after they had both died. Why were they so successful, what chemistry existed between them that sparked the magic so many fans experienced? What was their relationship off screen? They are reported as having been real life lovers by some and yet others contend, they were constantly feuding. Personality wise they were opposites. She was vivacious, glamorous, a great partygoer and was known as ‘The Iron Butterfly’. He was reserved, conservative and intensely private. He was known as ‘Bricktop’.

They were both in their mid-thirties when they married. She married a film actor, whom it was rumoured was Nelson Eddy’s brother, (as they looked so alike), in a big spectacle wedding. Nelson on the other hand eloped to Las Vegas where he married the ex-wife of a Hollywood producer. With an age difference of only 2 years they both grew up and spent some of their formative teenage years in the same city, Philadelphia, but did not meet until 1934; when they were in Hollywood. They made 8 films together, breaking box office records, with films such as Naughty Marietta, Rose Marie, New Moon, Sweethearts. Then; there was the extraordinary story on the making of the film Maytime. Almost complete and in the can, it was then abandoned and virtually remade from the beginning but still made in excess of $0.5million in profit.

In the third of a trilogy of Profiles on America’s Singing Sweethearts, Martin Bourke examines their relationship both on screen and off, the films and above all the beautiful music they made, featuring their timeless hits like Ah Sweet Mystery of Life, Wanting You, Indian Love Call, Will You Remember, I’ll See You Again, together with some unusual renditions of songs not immediately associated with them such as My Little Grey Home in the West. The audio-visual presentation, which will also include a generous selection of photographs, will take place on Friday 26th July 2019, at 8.00 p.m. in Cultúrlann Sweeney, Kilkee.

These Profiles are devised, researched, scripted and presented by Martin Bourke, in aid of Kilkee Civic Trust projects. Martin has had a lifelong interest in the career and vocal art of classical and light classical singers collecting recordings and biographies of these artists. This is the Seventh Profile presented by Martin for the benefit of Kilkee Civic Trust.

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