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The Festival was started in 2011 to celebrate 50 years since the meeting of the artist Jim Fitzpatrick and Ché Guevara in a hotel bar in Kilkee. This meeting inspired the artist to paint the world famous iconic image that has adorned bedroom walls and t-shirts all over the world.
The festival is run every year in September and will be a celebration of all things Latin American….Keep an eye on this page for up and coming details!!!
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2 comments on Ché do Bheatha Festival

  1. Austin Durack

    Hi, Can I ask you to consider me for this year’s festival . I played Spanish guitar at the opening in the Strand Hotel last year and I have a lot of Latin American pieces in my repertoire like this Cuban favourite,Guantanamera.

    My e mail address is moc.l1576357537iamg@1576357537kcaru1576357537da1576357537 and tel. no.
    087 2803991.
    Many thanks and best wishes ,
    Austin Durack Guitarist

    • Trea

      Hi Austin, I’m guessing you have already spoken to the organising committee already on this?

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