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101 things to do

Location: Loop Head Peninsula

Address: Loop Head Peninsula

Town: Loop Head Peninsula


Date: 01/09/2019 - 30/11/2019

Time: All Day

The Loop Head Peninsula epitomises what the Wild Atlantic Way is all about: cliff views, vast skies, invigorating salt breezes and plenty of quiet beauty spots where you can pause and wonder at this unforgettable part of the world.

Year round, in all weather you will experience the ever-changing moods of the Loop Head Peninsula. Winter storms, dramatic seascapes, slow moving clouds, all provide a backdrop to your experience of Loop Head.

This autumn, we are inviting you to enjoy Loop Head 101 different ways! Take on the challenge and let yourself take in amazing experiences involving nature, outdoor activities, food, music, art, fun and more.

101 Things to see and do in Loop Head in the Autumn

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