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Ireland sailing is one of the great things to do

The Sally O’Keeffe is a Shannon hooker – a traditional wooden sailing vessel – designed and built from scratch by a team of devoted local enthusiasts.

The Sally O’Keeffe is named after a noted sailor who lived on the Querrin Shore in the 19th century. She is an open, 25-foot, gaff-rigged sailing craft, replicating the traditional sailing boats that plied the estuary in years gone by, carrying turf from the Loop Head peninsula to Limerick.

She was built in Querrin as part of the Seol Sionna project, which aims to restore the classic boats of the Shannon Estuary. Drawing on the know-how of local boat-building experts, the build took 18 months. She was launched in May 2012, the first Shannon hooker to be launched off the West Clare coast in almost a century. Querrin is the Sally O’Keeffe’s home port, but you should look out for her distinctive maroon-coloured sails as you make your way around the peninsula.

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