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Nature (free activities)

If you like to travel under your own steam and at your own pace, there is no shortage of free, nature-based activities to choose from on the Loop Head peninsula. These are experiences you can enjoy privately or with family and friends, and they will cost you nothing. Just bring warm clothing with you, and be prepared to witness four different seasons in a single day…

Free activities at Loop Head

Irish holiday birds


Mild Atlantic winters, an abundance of wetlands, rich feeding grounds and undisturbed coastal cliffs are what make Loop Head so attractive to migrant and resident birds. Sixty-metre cliffs at the edge of the peninsula support colonies of guillemots and kittiwakes. The headland near the lighthouse is the end of major… ..Read more >
Travel in west clare and have fun

Exploring the Shoreline

Many people plan a short shore walk at Loop Head and somehow don’t get home for hours… The rockpools alone are an education. Multi-coloured algae carpet the Pollock Holes in Kilkee, for instance, while urchins, anemones and starfish lurk among the rocks. Along the shore you can pick out periwinkles,… ..Read more >
Dolphin Watching at Loop Head

Whale & Dolphin Watching

There are many species of Cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoise) in Irish waters. Loop Head is a well-known spot for watching from shore and there is always a chance of seeing a fin or a blow from this headland. The most common types of Cetaceans around the Loop Head peninsula… ..Read more >
Irish holidays at night

Shore Fishing

As a peninsula, Loop Head is naturally endowed with a huge choice of locations where you can fish from shore in all weathers. Settings include rock platforms that shelve into deep water, wild Atlantic storm beaches, sheltered coves and quiet harbours. You can catch bass, mackerel, pollock, flounder, mullet, coalfish,… ..Read more >
Wild Swimming in Co Clare

Wild Swimming

Wild swimming simply means exploring the world’s outdoor swimming places – free, wild and, if you like, uninhibited. The health benefits are obvious but most of all it’s an adventure. There’s an abundance of clean outdoor swimming places in Loop Head, all of them untainted by crowds or pollution. You… ..Read more >
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For the independent traveller with a love of geology, Loop Head is a paradise. The story of the shape of our landscape is easily legible in the cliffs and rock formations around the peninsula. High sea cliffs, stony coves, sandy beaches and estuarine mud flats present an open invitation to… ..Read more >
Irish swimming at Loop Head

Board Diving

For nearly a hundred years, there has been a tradition of diving from the public boards at New Found Out (locally known as ‘Newfie) in the West End of Kilkee. The diving boards allow for dives of up to 13 metres into the open sea, and as such, they call… ..Read more >
Scuba on the coast of Ireland


Snorkelling is a must on Loop Head, with its clear waters, abundance of marine life and spectacular rock formations. Snorkelling is especially popular around Kilkee, where the waters are particularly safe. To the south of Kilkee Bay, in the West End of the town, is the Duggerna Reef, locally known… ..Read more >

The Night Sky

Because of its tiny landmass and the absence of high hills, Loop Head is blessed with remarkably big skies. This, together with the lack of light pollution, makes it a perfect spot for astronomy fans to enjoy night-sky watching. On a warm, clear night in summer, you’ll need little more… ..Read more >
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