101 things to see and do

Go to a film at Cultúrlann Sweeney, Kilkee.

The €1.6m redevelopment of a 1950s public library building in Kilkee has resulted in the delivery of West Clare’s foremost cultural and library facility. In September they host a Film Club – stay tuned to see what’s on. ..Read more >
Thalassotheraphy is a great thing to do ireland

Take a seaweed bath

Thalassotherapy, from the Greek word ‘thalassa’, meaning sea, is the use of seawater and seaweed for therapeutic purposes, a tradition dating back to Roman times. Try it out at the Kilkee Thalassotherapy Centre on the Loop! ..Read more >

Go sea angling

Sea angling with an experienced skipper on a custom-built fishing boat is the safest and most rewarding way to enjoy this sport. Carrigaholt Sea Angling trips, led by Luke Aston, take in the Shannon estuary or the more open seas at Loop Head itself, depending on the weather. When weather… ..Read more >

Stay another night

From glam camp, to authentic farm-based B&Bs, to boutique hotels and B&Bs in town, the Loop Head Peninsula offers an array of options to accommodate our visitors. Each one has its story and unique charm. No matter where you choose to stay – in the vibrant town of Kilkee or… ..Read more >

Visit the Star Wars film set at Loop Head

With scenery this beautiful, who could blame those Star Wars location scouts for being enticed? Loop Head was one of a handful of places along the Wild Atlantic Way used to film Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Filming was shrouded in mystery, with the iconic Loop Head Lighthouse closed to… ..Read more >

Visit a holy well

In early pagan times, people believed that the earth was the centre of the universe and the Gods existed in the centre of the earth. Hence, water that sprang from the earth came from the Gods and had divine and healing qualities. Read more about the holy wells of Loop… ..Read more >

Celebrate Halloween

Come help the famous Pooka of Carrigaholt appear out of the shadows to celebrate Halloween in the village. Or go see the Kilkee Halloween Parade. Anywhere you go, there will be good food, great atmosphere and something spooky going on! ..Read more >

Discover the sunken forest at Rinevella

At Rinevella Bay, Portach Bailte, a submerged forest is located. A submerged forest is where the remains of a forest lie submerged beneath a body of water. This forest is one of a number of submerged scots pine forests in the estuary; some of which have been dated to Neolithic… ..Read more >

Play with the kids in Kilbaha Playground

Kilbaha playground is a community-led project opened on Dec 2012 after big effort by Kilbaha Playground committee under the Kilballyowen Development Association. It is within walking distance of Keating`s pub/restaurant and a great little spot to have good fun with kids, while enjoying a spectacular view of Kilbaha bay. ..Read more >
Loop Head peninsula at dusk

Take the Loop Head Drive

As you drive south from Kilkee and embark on the famous Loop Head Drive, you’ll be wowed by the dramatic cliffs, turbulent seascapes and historic sites you’ll encounter. ..Read more >
The cliffs of Loop Head

See the Lovers Leap

Just a short walk from the Loop Head Lighthouse, at a spot known as Lovers’ Leap, is a stunning natural wonder that’s shrouded in legend: a majestic seastack known as Diarmuid and Gráinne’s Rock. It’s said that the mythical lovers leapt onto this rock to escape the pursuing armies of… ..Read more >
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