101 things to see and do

Walk in the rain

There’s a reason photographers love mixed weather days. Unexpected rainbows, shafts of sunlight through dark clouds and dramatic, moody lighting transform the landscape into something quite amazing. Many of these moments come and go within minutes or even seconds, and if you hadn’t have been outside, you’d never have seen… ..Read more >
Irish artist at the cliffs of Moher

Photograph a rainbow

Rainbows are beautiful symbols of Ireland, made famous by the lure of leprechaun gold, stored in little black pots at rainbow’s end. Irish rainbows feature prominently in fairytales of old, yet to this day they very frequently appear in the cloudy skies of Ireland. Get your camera ready and capture… ..Read more >
Irish holiday destination for yoga

Drop in to a yoga classs

Need a good stretch and some relaxation? Try yoga with Trea at Purecamping: drop in classes or one-to-sessions in a beautiful yoga space. Combine it with a walk in their woodland or a longer walk on the Querrin West Clare Trails. Booking is essential at 086 3819 216. ..Read more >

Go for coffee and cake at the Diamond Rocks Café

Whether after a walk or a swim into the Pollock Holes, Diamond Rocks Café (by the West end parking) will welcome you with delicious locally sourced food, cake and coffee, while enjoying one of the best views on the peninsula. ..Read more >
Tullaher bog walk

Walk the West Clare Trails

Whether you are walking on your own or with friends, family and little ones, there are miles of all-accessible small quiet roads – some bog roads, some country paths, some coastal – stretching across this beautiful landscape perfect for exploring in any seas+on. ..Read more >

Find your ancestors

There has never been a better time to research Irish family history. A revolution in access to Irish genealogical records has taken place over the past decade. From being a laggard in providing online record transcripts, Ireland has become one of the world leaders. Have you some roots in Loop… ..Read more >

Visit an old graveyard

The Loop Head Peninsula combines stunning natural scenery with a rich history, and nowhere is this better demonstrated than in its old graveyards. Practice some self-reflection, admire the artful old gravestone markings or take in the surroundings of these cherished landmarks – they are all worth a visit. Try Kilballyowen… ..Read more >

Visit Loop Head Lighthouse

There has been a lighthouse at Loop Head since 1670, originally a signal fire on the roof of a single-storey cottage (which can still be seen on the grounds), where the lightkeeper lived. Visitors can take a guided tour up the tower and go out onto the balcony, from where,… ..Read more >

Meet the alpacas

Billy and Valerie will welcome you to enjoy an amazing experience on their Loop Head based alpaca farm – meet the animals, see and try wool weaving and chat over a lovely cuppa and cake. Advance booking is essential at 083 8476093 / ..Read more >
Bridges of Ross Loop Head

Stand on the Bridges of Ross

Historically the Bridges of Ross referred to a trio of spectacular natural sea arches, two of which have since fallen into the sea. While only one ‘bridge’ remains the name remains in the plural. As the remaining bridge cannot be seen from the road, visitors can walk a few hundred… ..Read more >

Take a picnic

On a sandy beach, on a safe spot by the cliffs, on designated picnic spots around at the Bridges of Ross – no matter where you choose to take a picnic, chances are you will be surrounded by spectacular views or the peace and quiet of the countryside. For a… ..Read more >
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