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The Loop Head Summer Hedge School was founded in 2013 by artist and author of natural history books on the area, Carmel T. Madigan.  The Loop Head Summer Hedge School operates on the ground at Loop Head during July and August and throughout the year.  We provide an outreach service in Marine Education for the Marine Institute, alongside working with other national and county based organisations.

The Summer School is built around Madigan’s 25+ years operating as a professional artist.  The school offers short courses (1-5 days) in varied visual arts topics from delving into the lives and works of the Great Masters of the modern era, to the cultural, societal and process led work of the great artists of the Ukiyo-e woodblock era in Japan.  This school is inclusive and those that attend are not required to have prior knowledge of either the subject matter or arts practice.  The workshops are a mix of study and active experimentation with the topic on hand.  Participants leave with their own artistic creations.

This year the School opens from July 20th to August 18th, 2020.  The School is located in Kilballyowen just west of Cross Village on the main road R487 to Loop Head (near the G.A.A. field).

Each year Madigan hosts a Summer Art Exhibition showcasing her work.  In 2020 this exhibition opens on July 26th.

The Summer School also offers limited guided outings to study the local hedgerow flora and the local seashore.

Carmel T. Madigan is the author of “The Wildflowers of Loop Head”, “Seasons, Species and Patterns of a North East Atlantic Shore” and “Conversations with Nature”.

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